Preparing For A Home Inspection

The home inspection is typically the final part of qualifying for a loan, purchasing a home or even selling a home.  For those that have a home inspection license, they will be able to come in and evaluate your home, give it an appraisal and send this report to the bank or other locations.  For those waiting to have an inspection done will want to do the following steps to prepare.

home inspection license

Do a walkthrough

Do your own inspection on your house before you decide that an inspection will be needed.  When we do a walkthrough, we can look at the areas that the inspector will look at and if there are any tasks that need to be completed can get them done.  When doing a walk through don’t freak our if you find something wrong, just note it and see what it will take to get fixed. 

Watch the weather

Watching the weather can be a good thing before an inspection.  If it is going to rain or if there is going to be bad weather, then you may want to reschedule.  When having an inspection done you want to have the optimal weather conditions so that no problems arise.

Ask questions

Before having an inspection, you will want to ask the inspection company some questions.  You will want to make sure that they are reputable and that they are in good standing.  You will also want to see what they will do, where they will be going and if you need to put away some personal items or items that you don’t want damaged, you can have enough time to do that.

Make sure to get a copy of the report

Finally, you want to make sure that you get a copy of the report.  You never want anyone to just tell you what they found; you want it in writing.  Also, make a copy of that report and put it in a safe place.  When it comes to double checking and ensuring that you will get the most return on your home this report will turn the table.